NavyZouk - plan czwartek-piątek

NavyZouk - plan sobota-niedziela

NavyZouk - plan sobota-niedziela

Zouk Belarusian Style - something that is on top/popular right now in Belarus, some nice movement, something everyone is dancing now

Make Old New - new, different variations of some 'old' simple rutines that can be turned into something new. For example lateral or boomerang made in different ways.

Neverending Movement - dance in a way, that is very smooth and has a feeling of 'neverending'. How to dance constanlty, how to join some movements so they are linked together, so one movement is after another and why it is so smooth - neverending head movements.

Zouk Brazilian Style - something that is on top/popular in Brazil now or something that Brazilians like to dance very much.

Zouk Fusion - something that is on top/popular in Paris now or something that dancers in Paris like to dance very much

Down to Earth - how to dance close to ground, how to feel the floor, how to keep good balance in dancing. Brazilians really feel the floor (and us Europeans dance higher, more up) - how do practise it

Energy Moves - some nice, cool energetic moves for zouk.

Physical Aspect - workshop- workshop: Preparation, how to start. Simple yet effective techniques to help you lead clearer and knowing when to move as a follow. We’ll cover the common mistakes and many useful concepts you can apply to your dance immediately. This will help you dance in togetherness and in sync with your partners.

Emotional Aspect - workshop- Make your partner feel comfortable. It takes more than just good physical techniques to make your partner feel safe and comfortable. We’ll be exploring the range of emotions and intensity which draws the fine line between comfort and discomfort. The more comfortable you make your partner feel, the more connected and trust they will give to you and your dance.

Social Aspect - workshop - Responsibilities + The 3 dance approach. The least talked about but very much as important as the physical and emotional aspect. Yes we all have social responsibilities as dancers! This is also the first time we’re going to be sharing the secrets of the 3 dance approach, and why we should always take our time, no rush..

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