Introduction - our mission

When we started dancing - zouk community welcomed us very warmly. Zouk dancers were always smiling to each other and were happy to see new people who started dancing. We would love the standards that we got to know couple of years ago on european dance floors to be the part of our zouk culture. Schedule of our Navy Zouk festival is aimed mostly for intermediate dancers but of course dancers of all levels are welcome!

Terms and Conditions of Navy Zouk Festival 2019
  • 4 Parties with free soft drinks and free water (except Thursday)
  • over 18 hours of workshops
  • 8 DJs
  • 14+ teachers
  • 100 sold out full passes 120 56 party passes
Navy zouk is a great opportunity to:
  • spend the last weekend of holidays by the seaside (22 VIII - 26 VIII 2019)
  • dance many hours of zouk with well-known and to-be friends
  • attend inspiring zouk workshops in a friendly and chilled-out atmosphere with great international instructors
What is worth knowing about Navy Zouk event?
  • There is a limit of 100 fullpasses and 120 partypasses
  • We will aim to keep ratio of 50% leaders and 50% followers
  • Workshops will take place on Saturday and Sunday


Dj Shri

DJ Anushri

#1 Girl - Brazilian zouk Girl DJ in London. Guest DJ for various Zouk parties in London UK and also in Europe.

Dj SoulZouk

DJ SoulZ

His nickname SoulZ comes from his dancing philosophy of SoulZouk which was developed by China in Rio de Janeiro. He is devoted follower of this methodology and endeavours to to deliver it with his music on the dancefloor. In 2012 SoulZ discovered Zouk and a year later was able to share his passion for this music at parties in London. Now he is playing all over Europe.

Dj Eazzy


Vladimir Trofimov - Riga, Latvia.
DJ EaZZy V from Riga, Latvia. He started learning to dance zouk on January 2015. He became zouk DJ on 2016. He really likes DJing as well as giving dancers a really tasty zouk music.
Among many parties he had opportunity to play he is particulary proud of helping with music side of Lithuanian growing festiwals. As he mentions last year he was honour and had pleasure to play sets on weekends with Xandy and Pasty in Lithuania. DJ EaZZy V hopes you will also enjoy his sets.

Dj LinoX

DJ LionX

In mid 90s LionX began his DJ career where he mainly focused on HipHop, Pop and House music. When he discovered Zouk he simply fell in love with not only the dance, but the music too. He seeks to put his own identity into Zouk music by remixing tracks into his unique style, thus entertaining all dancers with his music. To date he has DJ'd at many congresses and festivals all over the World including Zouktime!, Dutch Zouk Congress, Zouk Libre and Zurich Zouk Congress.


DJ Marko

Marko from BeZouk Dance Company teaches Zouk in his own dance school with Natalia in the Netherlands. Marko has been dancing Zouk for over 14 years, organized many Zouk parties and he is teaching Zouk for over 5 years. He is a great DJ with a lot of knowlege about history of zouk and zouk trends.

Dj Ignac

DJ Ignac

DJ Ignac started dancing Zouk in 2016, he's been very devoted in building up Zouk community in Łódź by giving classes, organising workshops and events and DJing at various occasions. He started Zouk DJing in 2018 but since then he already played on such events as annual Medyk parties in Warsaw, Sabbath Zouk New Year's Eve and Warsaw Zouk Festival. He's rather all-rounder adjusting his music playstyle to the type of event and dancers during parties. He's very keen on chill lyrical music but also on stronger vibes.

DJ HushZ

Dj HushZ

Daniel (DJ HushZ) is a professional musician with over 20 years of experience. He has worked with the highly acclaimed Staatskapelle Dresden, which is considered to be one of the best professional orchestras in the world.

A few years ago Daniel decided to find another outlet where he could utilise his musical knowledge and feeling. He began dancing zouk, accumulated a considerable library of "Zouk" music, subsequently began producing his own music, Zoukable remixes and has been sharing his love of music and dance by playing at numerous Zouk events around Europe!

Facebook Page
Remixes and original Music
Zouk Sets

DJ Tigri

DJ Tigri

DJ Tigri has fallen in love with zouk in 2016 in Stolárna, Brno. Since that day he dedicated his life to experience the possibilities of self-expression by it. The essential part of dance for him is music. He loves to express in dance an essence of creativity, dynamic and playfulness. His hobby is searching the web for some not-so-well known indie well-zoukable songs. So, it was inevitable that he will eventually start to DJing, bringing new flavours to the Brno zouk community since 2019. He likes to play dynamic sets of lyrical music, neozouk, brazilian zouk and various zoukable dynamic songs.


Alex Lima

Alex Lima is the best when it comes to salsa, zouk and samba dancing. Born in the city of São Paulo (Brazil), city where people live constantly within their own limits. Alex started dancing at a very young age and, in 1998, when he arrived to Paris he was introduced to french dancing! Working and teaching he started to become recognized by his magical, captivating and musical salsa dance routines. In France, he started to brand his dance style now known as “Brazil Style Salsa”, a mix of Latin American and Brazilian dance rhythms (Gafieira, LambaZouk, Forró, Samba Rock, Samba Pagode, Kizomba...) The hallmark of his dance is his unbelievable footworks and his incredible musicality. Dancing to the hits of the music is his passion!

Living in Paris, he is teaching in the biggest Clubs and in the most prestigious dance studios. Alex has travelled throughout the world and appeared in commercials and films: “Victoires de la musique”, Kellog’s, Nike Dance Gallery (NikeWomen), DisneyLand Latino Festival, Théâtre du Châtelet. An instructor as well a performer, Alex Lima is one of the most famous Brazilian dancer in the world.

Alex Lima - Zouk teacher

Hoi & Anamé

Hoi & Anamé will be sharing with you the 3 key aspects of social dance; physical, emotional & social aspects. These learnable skills goes beyond how to dance, it helps you shape your community and ensure a healthy growth & safe place for dancers. At Gdansk, you’ll be learning:
✅ How to dance in togetherness
✅ How to make any partners comfortable
✅ How to connect physically & emotionally
✅ Understanding boundaries

Join Hoi & Anamé as they guide you through your dance journey to become GREAT social dancers so you can enjoy many more amazing dances for both you and any partners.

Hoi & Anamé - Zouk teachers

Irina and Kostya

Kostya Kireev (DJ Ice), Minsk, Belarus. Keen teacher and zouk DJ at the parties. Started to dance zouk in 2011. The participant of all the instructor courses at Brazouka dance school in Mosсow (Leandro and Masha Oliveira), participant of number and number of zouk festivals and intensives. Teaches zouk in Minsk starting 2013.

Iryna Akunevich, Minsk, Belarus. 7 years of classic choreography school in childhood. Started to dance zouk in 2013. Kostya’s student. Participant of some instructors’ courses at Brazouka dance school in Moscow (Leandro and Masha Oliveira). Teaches zouk in Minsk together with Kostya starting 2015.

Irina and Kostya

Katarzyna Góraj

Kasia's dance journey started over 10 years ago and led through various styles of salsa, bachata and African dances to end up with zouk. This experience let her collect sound knowledge on human body mobility, movement control, balance and mussles tension in a dance.
She gives high importance to good basics, clear leading and precise folowing, partner awarness and leader vs.s follower responsibilities on the dance floor. In social dancing she celebrates joy of building connection through music, movement and touch.

Kasia Góraj


He had many debuts outside of Europe at the famous Berg’s Congress, the Zouk Infinity Brazilian Beach Festival and the biggest ZOUK Festival in Asia, Zouk S.E.A.
He has also helped to launch the Zouk scene in Dresden and is involved in growing the Zouk scene in Germany.

Stephan - Dj LionX


Alexandra comes from town in the south of Poland - Bielsko-Biała. She’s been connected to dance since her childhood years where her first dance steps happened on the ballroom floor. Those first experiences with the dance world sparked the everlasting love. Over the years Alexandra tried her hand at different dance styles like Hip-hop, reggeaton or salsa, but it was Brazilian Zouk she fell in love almost immediately.

Today, as a dancer, she constantly improves her skills, adding great importance to the technique and fluidity of the movement, making it more sensual and seductive. Her life motto is "if you can dream, you can do it".

Privately, she fulfills herself as a photographer, coloring her reality in her own way. Dancing allows her to express emotions, and photography gives them the opportunity to capture them for longer – for Alexandra, the perfect combination.

Aleksandra Damek

Rebekah and Kris

Kris started dancing Zouk in 2011 and in that same year during his first trip to Brazil he discovered SoulZouk and began his training with it's creator China. Now he is the first non Brazilian who is a certified SoulZouk teacher and actively promotes this dance methodology at home in the UK and around the world. The fundamentals of SoulZouk are Comfort, Leading, Contact and Pleasure and you will discover these aspects in every class Kris & Rebekah teach.

Rebekah started dancing ballet as a little girl and danced her way through school and college, taking part in school plays and drama productions, making up dance routines on the school field and performing in front of friends and family. In her teens and twenties the nightclub was her dance studio. After the odd class of salsa, tango and contemporary dance, she stumbled across Brazilian Zouk and was immediately hooked. Three years later and her love of dancing and teaching takes her all over the world.

The reason I love SoulZouk is that it prioritises 'feeling' over 'appearance'. I love to connect with each partner and develop that private feeling with another dancer regardless of how it looks on the outside. To me the most thrilling part of partner dancing is the private conversation between the two bodies, the magic that can be created when you are fully present and focused on feeling. No thinking, just feeling. For me, zouk isn't just a dance, zouk IS a feeling.

Rebekah and Kris


Let us introduce Lina from Vilnius (Lithuania) who will be our trainer! Lina started dancing Zouk in 2016, she is organizing Zouk events and building Zouk community in Vilnius. She also created "Health and Slimming Center" in 2010. Here in Navy Zouk she will give us workouts for a healthy back, strengthening and stretching. She will also lead a Hug Challenge on the beach.


Weronika & Olgierd

Brazilian Zouk dancers and instructors based in Warsaw. Their style is mostly Rio Style with a lot of Urban Zouk influences. Weronika has been dancing for 15 years - mostly show dance, hip hop, jazz, ballroom and salsa. When she first saw Brazilian Zouk she fell for it completely.
Olgierd on the other hand has a background in martial arts which helped him create his own style of dancing and teaching.


Photo / Video

Create memories -Natalia Pawlak-Faas

Create memories - photography by Natalia Pawlak-Faas is going to capture all memorable dances during Navy Zouk Festival. She will search for the moments which attracts attention and press the shooter button when she spots something worth remembering. Capturing stupid faces, crazy poses, flowing hair are her specialities 😛 Look at Create memories on FB

Create memories - photography by Natalia Pawlak-Faas


Having received her first ever camera when she was in high school, Wan has been exploring the world of photography for nearly ten years. Having taken pictures of basketball/football matches when she was in high school/college, having recorded the progress her own Formula Student team made when she was 19/20, having volunteered as a media member at international Formula Student events at four Formula One circuits, she now eventually feels like capturing another magical form of human motion—zouk dancing.

"Where there is motion, there is emotion." – Alex Wong, Emotive Image


Accommodation and hotels

We highly recommend Sea hostel. You will reach it in a 15-minute walk and in the morning you will be welcomed with breakfast (included in price). We even have a special discount code in Sea Hostel for you: Please quote "Navy Zouk" while booking rooms to get them cheaper (please book directly in the hostel, not via

  • Sea Hostel - ( map )
    IMPORTANT: Please use "Navy Zouk" code name while booking in Sea Hostel
    (please book directly in the hostel, not via

Organizers and Partners of Navy Zouk 2019

Anna & Marcin Grzybowscy

We got to know zouk some years ago, it didn’t appeal to us at first, but later on it become one our of ways to create happy life. We organize Navy Zouk in order to bring ideas and emotions to other dancers that we discovered in this dance many years ago. We would love this festival to be sentimental and workshops together with parties to be addition to a family-like feelings.

Anna & Marcin Grzybowscy

Ewa Nawalska

Ewa loves zouk with all her heart and is always keen on supporting zouk-3-City with her work and smile. Ewa made many partners understand what is important in zouk and that it is worth getting to know this dance more and more everyday. Thank to Ewa’s support we are able to organize Navy Zouk even more interesting. Her identifications are unicorns surrounding her everywhere. You can always count on her in any emergencies as well as on her smile and good talk.

Ewa Nawalska

Aleksandra Pniewska

Ola is responsible for art concepts and registration process.

Kamila Stelmarczyk

Kamila has a simple life philosophy- Life is too short not to enjoy it that’s why in 2016 she decided to take dance classes. Started with salsa,bachata and kizomba she decided to take zouk class convinced by her mentor and she fell completely in love. She tries to share that love with everybody. Kamila speaks french so les francophones feel free to ask her questions!

Kamila Stelmarczyk

Alicja Wika

Alicja is a person always willing to give the unconditional help to the others. Constantly taking initiative to organize, coordinate or to do something by herself. She is fascinated with discovering the incredible beauty of the dancing world. Spicy Mexican and Italian food is her first love. If Alicja seems angry, that always means she's hungry.

Alicja Wika


Zaneta is responsible for decorations.


Raisa Kor

Raisa is our Ambassador / event partner who is responsible for taking care of groups. She is here to help with Visa queries and accommodation for groups


We organized till now

  • Royal Festival 2012

    First polish festival with a dance floor only for 100% Zouk. We wanted to share our love to Zouk and together with zouk community from Kielce and Warsaw contribute to popularize this dance in Poland.

    Royal Zouk and Kizomba Festival
  • Royal Festival 2013

    Second edition of the festival where Zouk and Kizomba had separate workshops’ paths as well as dance floors.

    Royal Zouk and Kizomba festival 2


Terms and Conditions of Navy Zouk 2019

See you there!

Navy Zouk 2

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