Felipe and Bruna

Felipe and Bruna

Felipe Ihara and Bruna Manika are dancers, teachers and choreographers from Brazil. Felipe started dancing in February 2008 at a Jaime Aroxa studio in Curitiba, (switching to focus on Zouk in 2010) – and hasn’t looked back since.

He studied dance for three years at the University of State of Paraná, and attended Guaira Theater Dance School for two years, where he studied classical and contemporary dance. In 2016, Felipe began training his life and dance partner, Bruna.

Besides of many and many hours of Zouk and Lambada training, they have a focus on the development of the Spins-technique.

✓ to teach through a method that helps our students to understand the logic and how the technique is built, using not only dance, but also physics and body anatomy, bringing all them together on a comfortable and natural way of dancing

✓ to give tools that will help the dancer to have more fun, freedom, personality and confidence.

✓ to share our passion and love for Brazilian Zouk and Lambada all around the world!