Eric Fehr


Eric‘s movement schemes are strongly based on Aikido, which he trained for more than 10 years. The fluid leading (and following) of this martial art, is like a deep meditation while moving together with your partners. Being also a hobby-musician, the discovery of Zouk in 2011 was to him the combination of his two main passions, fluent and dynamic movements with and to music, and the perfect balance to his work as a PhD student in physics.

Early on active in Zurich’s Zouk community, dancing every day, he started in 2013 to organize events and teach Zouk in Switzerland and abroad, for example in Poland (5+), Ukraine (5+), Germany (3), Czech Republic (2), Spain and Belgium.

Besides broadening his knowledge of Zouk by participating in numerous international events such as festivals, workshop weekends, training weeks, also taking privates with most of the professionals, he is strengthening his profile as a dancer by taking classes in Ballet, HipHop as well as other couple dances like Tango, Kizomba, Salsa, Bachata and WCS.

With all these influences in the back, he sees his way of dancing as strongly inspired by Mafie Zouker’s technique of NeoZouk, Xandy’s relaxation methods and Junior Carvalho’s energetic and powerfull dancing, as well as the precise base of M-Zouk as teached by Daniel & Leticia at Spiraldance.