Jean-Martin - DJ'M-oção

Jean-Martin Mabileau (DJ’M-oção)

Teaching is a passion for me for over 25 years and the Brazilian zouk in particular today. My great asset is to be able to make a synthesis of the best teachers I have had the chance to meet, whether in Brazilian zouk, classical dance, contact improvisation, tango, or biomechanics applied to dance. I invite you to follow my 3 teaching modules corresponding to 3 levels – beginner, intermediate, advanced – which will make you a complete zouker. Why? Because I approach the 5 connections (dear to Leandro and Nayara) that are the connection with oneself, with the ground, with his partner, with the music, and finally the movement (which is generally the only treated in the regular courses).

My objectives for you, whether you are a complete beginner or a more advanced dancer :

1. to master the essential zouk moves and be able to add some nice variations in your repertoire then

2. to make your dance clean and clear, conscious, expressive, flowy, and comfortable for you and your partner.

3. to learn how to breathe or have ideas when you lead

4. to be more musical and enjoy every type of music

5. to feel the leader’s intention better and be able to follow anybody.

6. to understand the language of Zouk and we be able to explore and learn any new move by yourself! Everybody will want to dance with you and vice versa.

This is the cape and the mission I gave myself. See you very soon!